Other Show Services

Preparation of Show Kit
Includes purchasing booth supplies (tape, scissors, wastebasket, markers, screwdriver, extension cords, first aid kit, etc.) and gathering them in an easy-to-ship holding case.

Booth Set-Up & Tear Down
Includes on-site management of installation and dismantle of trade show booth, as well as staffing the booth in a greeter/lead collector/sales role.  This is no ‘booth babe’ – Rebecca McMahan can learn and deliver your 5 second sales pitch to keep the prospect engaged until your sales staff is available to elaborate.

Lead Management
Includes collecting trade show leads, entering them into sales database, and distributing leads to appropriate sales division or person for follow-up.

Create and Manage Trade Show Schedule
Includes building/maintaining spreadsheet of current shows with basic details, and distributing copies on a regular basis to sales, marketing, and management staff.

Trade Show Budgeting
Can include as many aspects of budgeting or actual cost reporting that client desires. It is recommended that a basic financial spreadsheet, highlighting expenses specific to that show, be done for each event.

Creating Your Custom ‘System’
We can help you set up forms, templates, schedules, cheat sheets, etc. to help you have an organized event every time.