Pre-show Exhibit Services

Which shows should we go to?
Includes researching potential trade shows, looking at attendee profile and target market, evaluating the exhibitor prospectus, talking with show management and other exhibitors and references, and then providing you with a written report and recommendation whether or not to exhibit.

What if we want to speak or present at the show?
Rebecca McMahan has experience in answering Call for Papers, which is essentially getting you speaking engagements at the shows in your industry.

Exhibit Space Contract Review and Submission
Includes full read of space contract, review of summarized rules and regulations with staff, review of payment and cancellation policies, hold harmless clause, insurance provisions and security issues.

Booth Selection
Includes careful booth space selection, based on availability, to meet the needs of the show purpose, taking into consideration all location considerations and competitive knowledge.

Staff Registration/Badging
Includes registering booth staff members ahead of time, where available, so they can avoid waiting in line when arriving at the show.

Pre-Show Report
A written report which includes shows' demographics, attendee profile, and target market, as well as an in-depth analysis of how the show will relate to the goals of your company. Also can include past performance statistics (if you have exhibited there before). This is a good communication tool for other divisions of the company and for management in getting budget approval for promotions, etc.

Pre-Show Promotion
Includes communicating with your marketing department to plan promotional strategy, evaluate promotional opportunities, order free exhibit hall passes for promotional distribution, submit exhibitor profile for show program, submit new product/service announcements, submit press release/press kits, request press list, if available, and implement promotional strategy; Promotional Strategy includes working with Sales/Marketing Department to create 'hit list' of prospects and customers, and then create a reason for them to visit the booth.

Schedule Airline/Hotel/Rental Car Reservations for Staffers
Includes making travel arrangements for show staffers, if desired. It is recommended in many cases to make hotel reservations through show management to take advantage of exhibitor discounts on lodging.

Preparation and Distribution of Trade Show Information Sheet/Checklist
Includes preparation of show information sheet, which includes all show details, hotel information, emergency phone numbers, shipping tracking numbers for booth, collateral, etc, and distribution to show staff (mini-report sent 30-45 days prior, full report sent one week prior).

Handling of Official Show Manual
Includes organization of show manual, keeping track of important dates and deadlines, and making copies of necessary documents (floor plan, phone numbers, etc.) for show staffers.

Ordering of Show Services
Includes ordering of all necessary show services, including electrical, carpet, chairs, electronic lead retrieval systems, outbound shipping arrangements, etc. Services will be ordered prior to discount deadlines when possible to achieve maximum savings for you.

Shipping Show Properties
Shipping for Trade Shows is different than shipping product to customers. There is special vocabulary and rules with respect to trade shows, especially with regard to outbound shipping (after the show).  This service can allow us to manage your shipping system for you, or to work with your existing shipping department and educate them on the world of trade show shipping (and it really does have its own world). 

‘Outside the Show’ activities
Includes planning and execution of press events, hospitality suites, user group meetings, etc.

Prepare and/or conduct Pre-Show Meetings
Can be done on-site or in writing (to be read on-site) - Includes show details, clarifies the shows goals, builds team motivation, and can review basic show training if staffer is doing a show for the first time.